Simplifying Strata Review: The Real View with Andrew Armstrong

Discover how The Real View simplifies strata document review with AI, saving time for realtors, reducing risks, and impressing clients. Explore Andrew Armstrong's entrepreneurial journey in real estate tech.


Simplifying Strata Review: The Real View with Andrew Armstrong


Ready to streamline your strata document review process? In this episode, we sit down with Andrew Armstrong, founder of The Real View, a platform leveraging AI to analyze and provide clear, concise summaries of complex strata documents. Learn how this tool can save time for realtors, mitigate risk, and impress clients. Andrew also shares his entrepreneurial journey and insights into the real estate tech space.

Key Points

  • How The Real View platform was born from a real-life pain point experienced by Andrew's business partner.
  • The benefits for realtors: time-savings, accuracy, risk reduction, and enhanced client services.
  • How the platform handles strata documents – what to include, what to curate.
  • Key questions answered by The Real View's report, including assessments, lawsuits, renovations, insurance, and livability factors.
  • How realtors can customize the report and add their expertise.
  • Pricing, web platform, lead generation features.
  • Andrew's entrepreneurial journey and his take on the future of real estate technology.

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