Brian Anderson

Meet Brian

Brian (32) is the General Manager of a long time trusted car dealer in the Lower Mainland. A husband and father of two young girls, saving on their mortgage was critical to the families long-term financial goals.

The Problem

With so many ongoing changes to mortgage rates and policies, it is difficult to know when to or if you should restructure your mortgage. Most homeowners do not take advantage of interest rate savings and wait until their mortgage loan term comes to an end to renew. Bank structures incentivize internal sales, not support. The system is set up to benefit the banks — not you.

The Solution

We are here to improve transparency to home finance for Canadians. Our smart mortgage technology continually monitors your mortgage loan to determine when is the best time to capitalize on savings based on current market conditions vs the client’s current mortgage terms.

Brian’s Smart Mortgage


Lender: First National Financial
Interest Rate: 3.30% (Prime – 0.40%)
Payment: $2,585.38
Remaining Amortization: 29.4 Years
Unsecured Line of Credit: $20,000 @ 7.80%
Line of Credit Payment: $130 interest only
Total payments: $2,715.38


Lender: First National Financial
Interest Rate: 2.95% (Prime – 0.75%)
Payment: $2,835.87
Remaining Amortization: 25 Years


Interest Savings: $10,454.46
Net Savings After Penalty: $5,560.00
Mortgage Balance Reduction At Original Maturity: $3,550.37

Total Savings: $9,110.37 + $20,000 Original Line of Credit

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