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with Matt Parker

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Meet Marlee:

I believe there has to be passion, perseverance and commitment for it to be a long-standing Career. For over 28 years I have made those a priority.

After moving here from Montreal in 1989, I knew Real Estate was going to be my career and never looked back.

For over 30 years, I have had the opportunity to call Richmond home. A Community filed with diversity, great schools and community centres, and an abundance of public parks and spectacular landscapes

Wherever your home may be, I would honour the opportunity to be a part of it.

Marlee Tecks

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Episode Transcript:

Matthew Parker 0:05

Hey, Matt Parker here. Very grateful, very excited to be on not sitting down quite but video chatting here during our COVID situation with Marlee Tecks. Thank you for being here. Marlee.

Marlee Tecks 0:19

Thank you for having me.

Matthew Parker 0:21

Yeah, a little bit about Marlee. So Marlee has been in the real estate industry for 28 plus years now. She's a life time member of medallion club. We're Cypriot with Remax and has it has an abundance of knowledge that I'm super grateful that she's able to share with us today. So Marley just to kick things off fun question. What's the one thing not many people know about you?

Marlee Tecks 0:49

Did I know it doesn't sound like much I love to read. I read every morning for an hour. Doesn't matter what I read. I read for an hour

Matthew Parker 0:59

interesting. An hour every morning. What a great habit. Yeah. Do you like do you? Yeah. Do you prefer like fiction nonfiction or is it just whichever you're curious in?

Marlee Tecks 1:13

You know, I like it all. It depends. You know, I read probably one book a week on my iPad. Okay. Yeah.

Matthew Parker 1:23

Wow. Well, then I have to ask you what, what are you reading right now?

Marlee Tecks 1:29

I'm reading a murder mystery, and I can't even think of the name right now.

Matthew Parker 1:37

Okay, so yeah,

Marlee Tecks 1:39


Matthew Parker 1:41

Yeah, no worries. So suspenseful, I'm sure.

Marlee Tecks 1:45

Yes, Gary, actually, yeah.

Matthew Parker 1:48

Wonderful. Um, so yeah. In terms of real estate, you know, you've been doing this for for many years now. What originally got you started. In real estate as a career, what drove you to the industry?

Marlee Tecks 2:03

Um, I, I don't know what it was I walked into an open house one day when I was like 21 years old, and just went, Wow, this is what I wanted to do. And I

Matthew Parker 2:17

just felt it.

Marlee Tecks 2:19

I just felt it. And I moved across the country when we moved across the country. I jumped into the real estate course.

Matthew Parker 2:28

Oh, cool. You just knew I mean, that's

Marlee Tecks 2:30

okay. Yeah.

Matthew Parker 2:32

That's amazing. Not many people have that gift. I think of just knowing what they want to do, right. From an early age.

Marlee Tecks 2:39

Well, and who knew who knew what was going to transpire? I didn't know anybody, either. Mm hmm.

Matthew Parker 2:47

Yeah. So I guess that segues well into that. My next question is what's kept you here? What do you love about what you do? day in and day out to obviously achieve such Such a great career. You know

Marlee Tecks 3:02

what, I think it's my passion. I don't know if it's my passion for looking at everybody's real estate so much as my passion for people.

Matthew Parker 3:12

Hmm. And just helping serving and just providing value

Marlee Tecks 3:18

and getting them to where they want to be in their lives. right there's there's a whole it's a culture almost right real estate is a culture. And it's moving them up the ladder, moving them back down the ladder. I just sold the third generation of one family, their first house.

Matthew Parker 3:37

Yeah. Wow. That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool to see. They're really fun. The growth of the family over the years.

Marlee Tecks 3:45


Matthew Parker 3:46

Yeah. Wonderful. Um, if you weren't doing this, do you envision yourself doing anything? Is there anything else you're passionate about the you say, Hey, I can have a career in that. I love it so much.

Marlee Tecks 3:59

Yeah, no. Know how good I would be a bit, but I would you know, over the years, I was I was an art major, um, it would be art. I would be in the art industry somehow.

Matthew Parker 4:13

Are you a painter? What kind of art? Are you most interested in?

Marlee Tecks 4:17

photography? Mostly, but I love collecting art. Right. Okay. History of Art and how artists work. And there's something very interesting about it. Yeah,

Matthew Parker 4:30

it's it takes a very special creative mind to be able to achieve those sorts of things. So I think that that probably I'd imagine that well, having that creative background can be very helpful.

Marlee Tecks 4:44

Very much. So. Yes, it gives you a whole other avenue when you're looking at real estate.

Matthew Parker 4:51

Yeah, definitely. And also probably from a design, decoration, that perspective as well. For sure. Interesting, interesting. Thanks for sharing. I know as we're as we're speaking, we're mid April 2020. It's a very unique time. It's a, you know, we're living through history right now. With COVID-19, and just everything that comes with that. Do you have and then and potentially maybe just historic advice in terms of just, you know, standard advice for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate? Or Also, do you have any advice on currently what's happening or what anyone that's looking to buy or sell a property right now should we looking to do or anything that you want to touch on in terms of advice for anyone that's in the market for real estate?

Marlee Tecks 5:43

Well, I think that I think that is a really good time. It's obviously the way we were doing business has changed over the last month completely. Um, you know, we're still selling real estate and real estate is still so Is it moving as fast? No, there are people qualified, just make sure you are pre approved and still pre approved with your mortgage broker. There is no stress test at this point. So that may increase the value of what you're looking for. they've dropped those requirements. But on the other hand, are things moving as quickly? Not really, which is kind of nice, but there's not as much inventory on the market either. Right? So what's going to happen in the long run, who knows, as always, but I first see over the next six months once this is over, like any other pandemic or anything else, we've been through recession of 2007 to 2009. Within six months, our our particular market has jumped back,

Matthew Parker 6:57

huh? Yeah, yeah, it's hard to see home values not strengthened when we're in a situation with low interest rates, low inventory from from a housing standpoint, I know that even developers and builders locally slowed down a lot of projects even over the last few years of uncertainty. So my concern there would be the that's definitely going to impact them now to see what happens in 234 years from now, when those projects would have been completed. How many units less would there be now but population is continuing to grow? Yeah, yeah. So I think I have to agree with with your outlook on that. I mean, again, who knows? No one knows.

Marlee Tecks 7:44

You know, the funny thing in real estate, it, you know, whenever it goes down, it comes up higher the next time. So we can always be self assured over the last almost 30 years that I've been in the business that whatever comes goes down always comes up higher than next time. And it doesn't last that long. If you have an opportunity to buy it, and you're actually in the position to buy it, why not?

Matthew Parker 8:12

Yeah, and it's long term for I mean, for the average person, it's a long term purchase. And I have to agree and the value of the home when I look at it really matters and very few times for the actual homeowner themselves. It's when you buy when you sell or when you want to restructure or access funds out of the home, from a mortgaging standpoint. Whatever happens throughout the span of owning it, I mean, obviously, emotionally might have an issue. It might be it might be a concern, but the actual actual impact to you as a homeowner is not very significant. But you'll just grow with the market.

Marlee Tecks 8:54

That's right. And people here are very in tune with what the market is doing. I've never seen Another province where people are so astute when it comes to real estate.

Matthew Parker 9:06

I mean, having been doing this for coming up on 30 years or you know, quite a few, quite a few years now, is there a memorable transaction or a memorable property that you've been a part of that stands out as something that you just constantly look back on as a very, either a special or a very, you know, interesting time?

Marlee Tecks 9:27

You know, it's funny you asked that question because I actually spoke to that client yesterday. And just because of COVID-19 in everything that's going on, I thought I'd touch base with her. And it's very interesting. It was a mom who ended up buying the property that she dreamed of owning single mom, and then she had to sell it because of her child got into a bit of trouble. And then she ended up we ended up buying Two properties for her to buy. And it was amazing one we sold when the market came right back up. And it was a rental, and then the next one the year later, and now she's exactly where she wants to be. And she's never going to have to worry about it again. Oh, one more. It's more that relationship and getting people to where they want to be.

Matthew Parker 10:25


yeah. What is the goal? I like to talk. And just, you know, we talked about the next question of what house rich means to you. And I like to talk to clients about what's the plan, like what are we trying to achieve long term. So we can plan today to get us there in the future. I think too many people just jump in and don't really plan things out. We always like to say I mean, we want to own a home, but we want to have, you know, we want to be able to live life, have fun, do the things that we'd love to do not just have a home or not just have this and then we talked about More advancable products in terms of further real estate investment or other investment and using your home as a wealth creation tool for you when you're when you think of that term because I think in Vancouver, especially a lot of people think house poor, or mortgages are very high it's very unaffordable. But that's that is true to some degree. I mean, houses are not the most cost effective things in terms of other markets. But look where we live. It's a beautiful place but then also, the one thing is most of my clients are not, quote unquote, living, you know, paycheck to paycheck, they've they've figured out ways to position themselves very well. So what would house rich when I say that mean to you, as as just in terms of real estate?

Marlee Tecks 11:49

Well, I think that people, setting a goal and a plan with people so that everything is a stepping stone because you're not going to get to the top today. Right. Very few people get that option when they're living in BC. But I think making steps along the way so that when they have children and they change their job, and they do all different things, that and things change in their life that they're capable of staying where they are.

Matthew Parker 12:21

Yes, right, exactly.

Marlee Tecks 12:24

And just like anybody else in real estate, the most important thing is that people can put food on the table, especially where we live. And it's doing what it's like you said,

Matthew Parker 12:35

Yeah, there's so much to enjoy in this beautiful city. So yeah, no, I agree. Thank you. grateful to have you here. Marley thank you for sharing your your advice and your wisdom. If anyone's interested in reaching out looking want to talk about the market, talk about their current situation, where would be the best place for them to connect with you.

Marlee Tecks 12:57

Um, email is great to start So I can contact them any way they like at em. texts@remax.net

Matthew Parker 13:07

Perfect. Perfect. Well, thank you again. I really appreciate it and you take care and stay safe.

Marlee Tecks 13:14

You too. Nice talking to you, Matt.


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