#15: Lisa Billet | Village Real Estate Group of VPG Realty

with Matt Parker

Meet Lisa:

I am truly passionate about the North Shore lifestyle, and I see real estate as a way to share that with others. My clients benefit from working with someone who is truly a part of this community — I am a friend and neighbour as well as a REALTOR®.

In fact, I treat my clients like family and am not satisfied until their goals are met. To make sure that happens, I begin by listening to my clients and formulating a plan to meet their needs. Throughout the buying or selling process, I dedicate my energy to removing any roadblocks standing in the way of those goals. I also see myself as a matchmaker, finding special places that are just right for people.

That personal, determined approach to real estate has served me well during my career, enabling me to work on real estate developments around the world — in Canada, Mexico, USA, Croatia, Mauritius, Seychelles, the Philippines, and Vietnam, to name just a few.

My dedication and success have also been recognized with various industry awards, including multiple Sutton Diamond and Director’s Awards and membership of the Medallion Club.

As a North Shore evangelist, I participate in all it has to offer, spending my spare time running, hiking, snowboarding and more. I am also incredibly proud to be a mom to my beautiful daughter, Pyper, and my loveably crazy dog, Bijou.

Lisa Billet

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Episode Transcript:

Matthew Parker 0:00

Hey, Matt Parker here. Very excited, very grateful to have Lisa billet with me today. Lisa, thank you for joining me.

Lisa Billet 0:09

Thanks for having me.

Matthew Parker 0:11

So, quick introduction for Lisa. She is the founder one of the cofounders of village Real Estate Group, which is powered through vpg Realty. And I know you have two other two other professionals that you work with there, Lisa, how long have you been working together? And how is that going so far?

Lisa Billet 0:32

So my other partners are Jody Horne and Lauren Hill this thing. We've been working together for almost two years. And we found each other through the EPG. And it's it's been remarkable. The concept of village real estate really comes from the idea that we we talked about raising a child in a village and how it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it sometimes takes a village to do anything and so The whole premise of it is that we bring our village to you. And we help you meet your real estate goals with the assistance of the village.

Matthew Parker 1:10

Oh, very cool. I love that. I love that it's so true. What's one thing that not many people know about you?

Lisa Billet 1:19

Oh, one thing that no one knows about me. Um, I would say the one thing that people don't know about me is that I am have to make it my own. Yeah. So I get to spend my time partly in Jamaica with my family there and hear. My father was a realtor for 45 years. And, and most of that time was spent with Sutton. And so he I learned a lot of what I know through him.

Matthew Parker 1:49

Oh, perfect. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate that. So that I'm assuming that kind of brings us to the next question on how you got started in The real estate world, obviously growing up around it, I'm sure that had a big influence on you.

Lisa Billet 2:05

I did my dad on Saturdays when we were kids. He used to have open houses and he used to bring us sometimes to the open house and we would, we'd sit in the car and read books while he did his thing or he bring us to the office on a Saturday morning and in those days, they had listing books, we didn't have the MLS system. So we had a whole bunch of these books with these little teeny tiny little pictures of homes with a little teeny tiny description. And we used to sit around reading real estate books and waiting for him to do his stuff that he had to do on a Saturday meet clients or what have you. So we got I got it sort of taste for what that experience was like from the early to mid 70s.

Matthew Parker 2:51

That's funny Yeah. I also grew up around the mortgage world, having my father started to our to the mortgage company. And in the early 90s, and filing papers scanning at a very young age from the very beginning when it wasn't, you know where we are today was very much, you know, all hands on deck. Oh, yeah. Well, it's, it's fun. I love that. So if you weren't doing this, do you have any idea of anything else that you'd probably see yourself doing in the professional world?

Lisa Billet 3:24

Well, I really like the legal side. So I always thought that if I if I wasn't a realtor that I probably want to be a lawyer. And I just really like contracts. And you know, some people find that really dry. But I spent about, gosh, 12 years working in resort development. In those days, it wasn't a realtor, but I was the regional project operations manager. So I got to spend a lot of time with developers and their their lawyers developing all the real estate documents for different projects. And I got it taste for sort of the International real estate. So it was it was I found that really interesting.

Matthew Parker 4:07

Yeah, and and a lot more important, I'd imagine that a lot of even home buyers or sellers think when terms of the contract when it comes to conditions or any of those specifics in a contract, having someone that knows that quite well can be very valuable.

Lisa Billet 4:23

Yeah, I mean, we, you know, as realtors, we're not lawyers, but I do, I did enjoy that side of it, that I did write the paperwork side of it.

Matthew Parker 4:38

Now I know we're in a in a unique time being you know, when we're chatting, care being sort of in there almost mid April, earlier part of April. And with the COVID-19 situation and everything kind of changing with the real estate market. I don't know if you want to speak on that directly, or maybe what your thoughts are in terms of how this might affect the market, or just your sort of thought process with real estate investing and purchasing in general. But do you have any advice for current clients that are looking to purchase and or sell their property this year coming up of what you would recommend or what you would say to them?

Lisa Billet 5:17

And, you know, I think all of us realtors are having these conversations with clients right now. It's a great opportunity for us to connect with them, not just via email or text, but actually speak to people on the phone and we can't, we're social distancing, we can't meet in person, but we've never had so much attention or time for attention with clients as we do right now. So, I have sort of had clients go back to their goals. You know, what are you what are your goals this year? You know, what, what do you what were your remeeting to accomplish? And then you know, working on it from there, if you're not in a hurry, and you don't, you don't need to do something and launch something new or going after something new right now, if you're especially if you're a seller might not be the best time. But there's a buyer if your buyer, you know, there could be opportunities that present themselves right now. But it really just goes back to goals and not stressing about where prices are at or where the markets going to be at. We know that what slows down speeds up again and vice versa. You know, I've been in real estate long enough, I started actually selling locally, in 2008, which was probably one of the worst times at the crash of the market. And I knew how difficult that was. And you know, what happened is everything came right around again. So I feel like there's this anxiety around it that we just need to breathe and know that it will all work out.

Matthew Parker 6:59

Yeah, no, I I agree, I think I have, I have a thought process on, you know, when we get through this whenever that is or however long that takes that inventory is probably going to be lower than it would have been. when interest rates, interest rates themselves will be should be low. I mean, there shouldn't be too much upward pressure on them over the next little while, even though there has been a little bit of changes with with how banks are pricing with risk and those kinds of things. But it might be a situation where it might become a seller's market because of everyone's ready to buy again, but not as much inventory is available.

Lisa Billet 7:35

Yeah. And, and I think it's a great opportunity to reconnect with your realtor. You know, you probably set some goals with them earlier in the year or maybe last fall. Take a look and see what's realistic right now. What isn't, they'll help you formulate a plan. We're all figuring it out together. No one has a crystal ball, but I think that there's always opportunity in these situations. And we just need to be patient.

Matthew Parker 8:02

Yeah, no, I that's well said thank you. Is there a property that you would think of as the most memorable one that you've been a part of with it? Or even a transaction where whether you're the buying agent or the listing agent that just stands out to you is one that you remember?

Lisa Billet 8:21

I have, there was a, there's a few.

I think we're fortunate enough as realtors that we get invited into people's worlds, and we get to be a part of some really significant moments in their life. And for me, there was a couple one, I had a client or we had a client, where they were fairly new to the country, they didn't think that they would ever be able to buy something. I mean, this is some of the most valuable real estate in the world. And they didn't think they'd ever be able to afford to buy it and they work so many jobs, and they got enough money for downtime. payment and they didn't think they qualify for financing. And we just work together and they bought their very first home ever and it was in Canada and we both cried. We both cried. I, I feel but clumped when I, when I think about it sometimes because it, I felt it was an honor. And it wasn't about the property It was about being allowed to be a part of that opportunity for them.

Matthew Parker 9:29

Hmm. That's, that's, that's, that's amazing. That's what a great story. I know that, you know, we can take for granted what we have here just in general, in terms of Vancouver and Canada, so being able to help people achieve life, sorry, life goals is is such a cool thing. And to be a part of that. That's amazing. That's amazing. Thanks for sharing. Last question. I like to use the term house rich when I talk to clients is just sort of a segue into what that means. In terms of instead of there was always said, Oh, my mortgage is going to be so big I'm in Vancouver, I can't afford it. And when I say house rich, I'm talking more of a financial Outlook or a financial belief in terms of sustainability and growth and, and paying what you want to pay instead of what you can pay that kind of thing. What do you feel when you hear the term house rich?

Lisa Billet 10:26

Um, I feel like it's an investment in themselves.

I think that, you know, they are I know that the feeling that sometimes they feel like okay, I don't have cash on hand, but when they stop paying rent, and they're starting to pay those mortgage payments to themselves, and they start building that equity in their home. That's sort of what we think of. Perfect. Yeah,

Matthew Parker 10:53

no, I agree. And Lisa, where would be the best place for people to find you

Lisa Billet 10:59

people can find it. At village real estate group.ca. And we you can reach myself Lisa Jody or Lada. And my email is Lisa at village real estate group.ca.

Matthew Parker 11:14

Cool. Well, thank you so much for joining me. I'm very grateful to have you and taking time out of your busy schedule. I hope you stay safe and we'll talk to you very soon.

Lisa Billet 11:23

Okay, thanks.

Matthew Parker 11:25

Thanks, Lisa.


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