#7: West Vancouver Real Estate

with Eric Christiansen


Today's guest has dominated the West Vancouver market for a long time. For the 17th consecutive year, Eric Christiansen has sold more West Vancouver homes than any other Realtor. No matter if you work in real estate or are looking to buy or sell, Eric is a fantastic resource!

Here's a sneak peek of the episode.

[0:52] How Eric Christiansen got started in the industry. How Eric, at a young age, wanted to become a basketball player but, through his father-in-law's help to become a realtor.

[2:15] Why do you love your job? Eric Christiansen loves to meet many people and helping them make the most important financial decisions of their lives. How people trust him and how he builds real friendships with his clients.

[4:25] If you weren't a realtor, what do you think you'd be doing now? Eric was groomed from a young age to become a car dealer. He loves cars and has a passion for it.

[5:43] Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, what would you advise people who are in the market, buyer or seller, should be looking at right now? Eric has no clue on what will happen to the market due to the pandemic. He always highly suggests getting the best realtor possible in the area of interest and doing your research first hand.

[8:39] What is the best property you have ever sold to a client? There are too many to mention, but the more challenging the deal, the more memorable it was for him.

[9:43] What do you think "House Rich" means to you? Two things. 1.) It is when people get a mortgage that is not out of their league financially. 2.) People who think their equity is significant and then buy expensive things, then the market drops. Never overextend. Live within your means.

[12:37] How can people reach out to you? If people are not comfortable with calling, they can go to his website. People can reach him through his contact details. He is willing to reach out and help other newbie realtors. 604.312.9999 is the number.

[14:31] Closing remarks.

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